Colony Station

The station is full of mysteries!

It is a mystery that there is no train even though it is a station!
Let’s all open “shops” to sell, buy and play!

You can see and buy products made by members and products that are sold!

Can I see the train at the station?

It’s a station, but there are no rails or trains in the village!

Members will open a train shop!

  • Mama, a woman who likes making things. Members can buy their works.
  • You can also see the products that the members are offering at their own shops and online shops.
  • Members should order and ship the shopping.
  • Of course, there are shops that utilize the online and specialize in the members’ specialty fields.
  • Information on massages and takeouts can also be provided.

Specialize online!

Because it’s the Internet, you can connect nationwide.

Let’s make a store and play!

You can also open shops to play online! Online photo studios, bookstores, live houses, movie theaters, etc.

Let’s make it a shop and let’s play together!

I want to have a riddle♬

I want to do radio!

I haven’t decided anything, so I can make it any way I want!

How to become a member?

Only 2525 members can open a store.
0 members and 585 members can see and buy shops, but opening a shop is a paid option.

The village chief used to do a gallery and a WebShop. I was born in the gallery

I was the poster girl at the Wenb Shop.The name of the store was “PORURU”.

It is “𣛧(Mori)” in Japanese kanji “Three trees”.