It is a club activity that we make hot spring app by using Glide. If you can’t use the tool, you can send us a picture and we do it for you.

Onsen tour of Chiyoko🙂

😊Shinshu Monomiyusan Tegata

Onsen lovers

Onsen sommelier

Ashiyu footbath tour ①

Murakami social marathon

Ashiyu footbath tour ②


“I was able to easily create an app in about two hours of online lectures, so I will teach you all online.”

When I told him that it was a Onsen sommelier, I was asked about hot springs I had visited before, but it took time to remember when the number increased. I was having a hard time finding photos and SNS posts, but I learned that children are using this app to create a restaurant support app, so I decided to give it a try.

I’m creating this application because I will continue to support hot springs and bathing facilities that have been severely damaged by the effects of COVID-19. Especially compared to Japanese people, many of my foreign friends are interested but never visited. So I made them in English, including the footbath. I want to talk to the world people about the great Japanese Onsens.

This is an English app of Chiyoko🙂’s onsen tour.

You can display photos, links to blogs and SNS, and even maps.