It is a club activity that we make hot spring app by using Glide. If you can’t use the tool, you can send us a picture and we do it for you.

I’m Chiyoko Kusagi (hot spring sommelier / hot spring tourism practitioner / hot spring tourist / IJU-sommelier), the WEB editor of Telework Studio .933, who became the first hot spring Biz ambassador.

 HOW ABOUT YOUR TOJI (湯治) AT TOKYO? Let’s Workcation in a BlackOnsen based in Tokyo! I am doing the “BlackOnsen“. Foreigners living in Japan. For those who are interested in “Onsen” and “Toji”. I will teach you how to make a hot spring app with your favorite hot spring photos!

You can make such a Onsen.App ♨

 Please read the QR code with your smartphone. You can show it to your friends quickly and easily! It is a convenient application that can display photos, links to blogs and Social media, and even maps!

“I was able to easily create an app in about two hours of online lectures, so I will teach you all online.”

When I told him that it was a Onsen sommelier, I was asked about hot springs I had visited before, but it took time to remember when the number increased. I was having a hard time finding photos and SNS posts, but I learned that children are using this app to create a restaurant support app, so I decided to give it a try.

I’m creating this application because I will continue to support hot springs and bathing facilities that have been severely damaged by the effects of COVID-19. Especially compared to Japanese people, many of my foreign friends are interested but never visited. So I made them in English, including the footbath. I want to talk to the world people about the great Japanese Onsens.

As a hot spring biz area ambassador, I have selected Kamata and other “Ota-ku hot spring villages”!

This is a YouTube video of a Asiyu(footbath) in Tokyo. The Ashiyu(footbath)can be used by families, men and women together ♨