Mottainai is a treasure

Do you have [unnecessary things] at home?
I can’t throw it away, I might use it again, it was expensive, I have memories…
The “Mottainai” is “treasure”.
♻ Move your treasure and move!

Members can present treasure and give or exchange it to anyone who wants it

I want the next person to use it and make me happy ♬

I Still active! I will help you. How is it! I can inform you

Simple and easy!

Flea market, online shop. It doesn’t decrease, it doesn’t sell… Not clean What should I do about disposal?
One step forward is a [high wall].
Let’s go simpler and easier!

The first step is to announce on Mottainai♻️Bank ♬

Internet treasure

“Home (home page)” “Address (domain)” on the Internet
There are many vacant treasures!
The iine! Creators Colony also has a lot of vacant land
Grow your domain into a treasure!

Domain artists are responsible for domain and site production!

Memories are treasures

Each has its own memories. Every single little story is a treasure.
Let’s share it with everyone and connect it to the next person in the next era!

Join the members!

How to become a member?

Only 2525 members can make presentations or exchanges.
0 members, 585 members can see the announcement
There is a paid option for 0 members and 585 members to announce/exchange.